TrendLens™ Travel 2023 – Discover Global Travelers’ Retail Behaviour

TrendLens™ Travel 2023 offers insightful data, gathered through interviewing affluent and HNW travelers on their 2023 luxury travel preferences and luxury retail experiences they seek when traveling.

● The Chinese Traveller report
● The Indian Traveller report
● The Saudi Arabian Traveller report
● The European Traveller report
● The American Traveller report
● The Global Traveller report (USA | China | India | United Kingdom | France | Germany | Italy)
● The Asian Traveller report (China | India | Japan | Korea | Australia)

The report covers Travel trends and needs:
● Luxury Hospitality Post-Covid
● F&B Experiences
● Inspirational Social Media and Booking Channels
● Spa & Wellness
● Service Expectations
● New Trends in Nature, Art, Culinary, Adventure and many more

What type of Retail Experiences affluent and HNW travelers seek:
● Retail Shopping during travel and at destination
● Retail categories most likely to shop for
● Reasons to shop when travelling (i.e., enjoyment, lower pricing, more selection, etc.)

Click here to download the prospectus or contact for more information.

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