Wine & Spirits

The new brands succeeding in the wine and spirits industry focus upon experience, health, and wellbeing. It’s about providing the ‘right experience’ that brings customers back to a brand while understanding that many wish to keep active lifestyles’

Online reviews, knowledgeable influences, savvy customers, and online-based disruptors challenge the traditional landscape defining a centuries-old industry. Yet all continue to value the traditional, relaxing experience inherent to a well-made product. 

Luxury alcohol brands must understand the shifting consumer motivations and preferences behind purchasing beer, wine, or spirits. Ask: How are we different from other players in this crowded market? Do we have health benefits? What makes our experience better? 

How we guide you

  1. Identify prominent and relevant consumer trends
  2. Optimise your brand’s message and experience
  3. Guide your launch campaign
  4. Refine existing products and their stories
Case Study:

Identifying Asian Consumption Trends


As the Asian liquor and wine industries continue to expand and differentiate within, our client asked us to use our market research insights and provide a clear path for success on the international level. Our client wanted to understand the latest trends affecting Asian consumers’ preferences as they refine their brand strategy.


We analysed the premium alcoholic beverage industry through our market research defining its size and composition–in addition to the varying packaging and distribution channels. We launched large-scale, quantitative surveys in key markets identifying various consumption trends and consumer behaviours. 


We advised our client on how to better allocate media marketing dollars and increase ROI by targeting the best consumer segments for their brand. We then suggested the appropriate whisky, beer and wine marketing strategies while including price trend analyses.