Our Group Companies


Agility Research & Strategy is a top ten globally ranked Insights & Strategy Consultancy with a core focus on affluent consumers for luxury and premium brands.


Our team of experts come from a variety of backgrounds, nationalities and professional disciplines. We share a common purpose to help our clients win by unlocking growth from insights on affluent consumers around the world. With a wide range of solutions and methodologies and over 1000 client success user cases we determine the best way to extract key insights and deliver actionable recommendations to brands looking to capture market share.

Our solutions seek to uncover potential levers that can shift the choice towards our client’s brands. In addition, we leverage on the expertise of our group companies:

We are awarded as a luxury leader in the insights space by Luxury Daily in 2021.


AFFLUENTIAL™ is a data, analytics and information services business focused on the affluent consumer. Powered by a proprietary digital insights engine that delivers cutting edge timely reports using our proprietary data warehouse architecture in our Data Vault™. We work with leading premium brands to leverage our data using the most advanced analytics tools and solutions to enhance ROI for our clients. Our team of consultants and data scientists turn great data into winning insights through a wide range of services and solutions. We help empower brands to win the hearts, minds and wallet share of affluent consumers globally. We are Fluent on the Affluent™.


LuxeTalk™ is our dynamic digital luxury community that has thousands of affluent, high net worth( HNW) and ultra-high net worth consumers (UHNW) from around the world that we leverage for deep insights. We tap into the minds and purchasing behaviour of these discerning segments through bespoke methodologies. With consumers from over 35 markets and growing available on our platform, we reach out to them through a range of digital and offline methodologies

Luxury Leaders Council

Luxury Leaders Council is our community of C Suite and Senior Level Executives from across industries and over 100 brands.

We tap into this community on a regular basis for insights on their markets and industries from around the World. We share these insights with our clients on the back of interviews we conduct with our experts to gain their valuable outlook, challenges and shared experience through the lens of our Leaders of luxury.

How Do We Add Value To Our Clients?

With over 35 years of combined experience in understanding Affluent consumers, Emerging Affluent consumers, High Net Worth consumers and Ultra High Net Worth Consumers, we provide clients with a range of data, insights and strategic solutions to help brands connect to the affluent consumers. For a look at how we help brands visit our select client case studies.