Beauty & Skincare

Cosmetic brands must always remain in the epicentre of customers’ minds by staying innovative and relevant. They must understand today’s world of beauty and see what tomorrow has in store.

The words personal and unique define the beauty and skincare markets. Consumers choose to wear your products on their bodies. Not only do brands need to stay relevant, innovative, and inspirational–they must speak to their would-be buyers through authentic stories.

We guide the brand strategies of cosmetic firms by first identifying the upcoming trends of the global skin care market. Then, we apply our market research insights to your specific brand, from package design to story development. Ask: How do we stay relevant? What can we do that nobody else can? What’s our vision?

How we guide you

  1. Delve into your brand’s strength and reach
  2. Understand the motivations of your consumers
  3. Match your brand’s story to your consumers’ trends
  4. Develop a product offering that resonates
Case Study:

High Net Worth Consumer Journey
Deep Dive for an Ultra Luxury Skincare Brand


Our client sought to more efficiently use its marketing spend to acquire and retain buyers of its high-end skincare and beauty products by understanding in depth high-net worth female consumers’ lifestyles in the context of their beauty purchase journeys.


Using in-depth interviews with carefully selected high-net worth female consumers – including members of luxury-brand VIP and VVIP programmes – we were able to dig deep into the details of their lifestyles and uncover “hidden” touch-points.

We then understood the critical drivers for brand consideration and the vectors relevant to consumer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.


We identified specialised routes to influencing high-end luxury skincare buyers in their everyday lives that allowed our client to create a targeted and optimised marketing plan.

We also delivered actionable recommendations on product, positioning, and messaging tailored to their target customers.