Luxury eyewear, from racer frame, prescription sunglasses, athletic eyewear and tinted frames, is making a renaissance in the fashion industry.

How we guide you

  1. Pinpoint and understand your target audiences
  2. Develop compelling product offerings
  3. Guide your marketing campaign
  4. Measure your brand performance
Case Study

New Product Brand and Campaign Tracking
(High-end Lens & Glasses Brand)


Our client planned to release a new high-tech eyewear product in China and sought to track awareness and perceptions of its brand and advertising campaigns compared with key competitors.


In-depth quantitative survey
N=1400 sample size in 10 Tier 1 and 2 cities in China including n=200 booster sample of consumers who are aware of our client’s brand

Business Impact

Helped client track effectiveness and impact of its advertising campaign on its brand image over time.