Mastering the Art and Science of Luxury Wine Invesment

A Guide to Master the Art and Science of Luxury Wine Investment

Every wine lover dreams of having a cellar filled with rare and valuable bottles. But building a luxury wine collection can be more than a hobby. It can also be a strategic investment. Luxury wine investment can offer significant returns. While navigating this complex market takes knowledge and patience, its rewards are priceless. If you’re […]
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Affluent, HNW Chinese Luxury Consumers Dial Back Spending Enthusiasm

The survey evidence appears unambiguous: optimism among affluent and HNW Chinese citizens, as judged by their luxury spending, has fallen significantly in 2023. It appears that the wealthiest people’s ability to shrug off economic shocks isn’t as strong as it might once have been. A barometer of confidence among Chinese high net worth individuals shows a […]
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AFFLUENTIAL TRENDLENS™ 2023/24 Available Now!

In the ever-competitive landscape of luxury, understanding the affluent audience is paramount: high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) now represent a priority target for an overwhelming 90% of senior luxury executives.  TrendLens™ 2023/24 contains interviews with over 10,000 affluent and HNW individuals on their 2023/24 outlook, lifestyle choices and luxury purchase, helping you understand how to engage with […]
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Brunello Cucinelli, the $2,000 cashmere sweater-selling master of ‘stealth wealth’ fashion, is booming as the ‘loud luxury’ trend wanes

The “quiet luxury” aesthetic was best characterized by the costume choices of the main characters in HBO’s series “Succession.” Claudette Barius/HBO Business at Brunello Cucinelli, which has become the poster child of the “quiet luxury” fashion movement, is booming.  The Italian luxury brand, known for its ultra-luxurious $2,000 cashmere sweaters, raised its guidance for the year on Tuesday […]
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Why China could become the luxury industry’s next sore spot?

SHANGHAI/PARIS, July 19 (Reuters) – The luxury goods industry has relied heavily on China and North America for growth in recent years, but latest Chinese economic figures and a disappointing sales update from Cartier-owner Richemont (CFR.S) suggest both markets may be starting to slow. Major luxury brands have invested millions to reach new customers in the two […]
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Positioning the Future: Navigating ESG Investment for Wealth Management

As 2023 closes, the investment narrative tilts towards a more responsible horizon. The urgency of sustainable and impact investing has intensified. For wealth management companies and their clients, this shift is a favorable moment for growth. Unearthing the ESG Potential The investment landscape is constantly shifting. Climate change and frequent natural calamities are no longer […]
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A Guide to Unlocking Men’s Luxury Beauty Market

In today’s fast-evolving beauty landscape, many brands still overlook a goldmine: the male luxury beauty market. As traditional gender norms blur, there’s a surging demand among men for high-end grooming and beauty products, yet most brands are lagging, unsure of how to cater to this new clientele. But fear not—navigating this uncharted territory can be […]
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Luxury Beauty Rituals: How the Affluent Elevate their Skin Care

Are you curious about the latest luxury beauty brand trends you can capitalize on in your subsequent campaigns? Do you feel stuck in a marketing campaign that hasn’t yielded the expected results for your business? In a world where self-care has become a paramount aspect of well-being, high net-worth individuals (HNWIs) are taking their self-care […]
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The Psychology of Watch Collecting: What Drives High Net Worth Individuals to Acquire Luxury Timepieces?

Wondering why high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) engage in luxury watch collections? Interested in what behaviors, instances, and motivations drive them to buy and store expensive timepieces? The allure of luxury watch collecting is not merely about owning a mechanical marvel; it’s an intricate combination of status projection, emotional attachment, and the pursuit of rarity. In this […]
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