AFFLUENTIAL TRENDLENS™ 2023/24 Available Now!

In the ever-competitive landscape of luxury, understanding the affluent audience is paramount: high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) now represent a priority target for an overwhelming 90% of senior luxury executives. 

TrendLens™ 2023/24 contains interviews with over 10,000 affluent and HNW individuals on their 2023/24 outlook, lifestyle choices and luxury purchase, helping you understand how to engage with and acquire them as customers.

What is new in the TrendLens™ 2023/24 edition?

1. Artificial Intelligence Enhanced: our data scientists have leveraged AI to analyze the vast amount of TrendLens™ data and insights.
2. For a global perspective, new global and regional reports available for all luxury categories fashion, beauty, watches & jewellery, travel and wines & spirits.
3. The TrendLens™ China is updated monthly, instead of twice per year, to keep a close eye on the market evolution.

The TrendLens™ ALBA™ 2023/24 captures and ranks brand affinity by market and category for more than 80 luxury brands, making it an essential tool to monitor performance against your major competitors.

TrendLens™ 2023/24 is available for over 30 global markets, including:

China | Hong Kong SAR | Taiwan | Japan | South Korea | Singapore | Thailand | Malaysia | India | Australia | United Kingdom | France | Germany | Italy | Spain | USA | Mexico | Brazil

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