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Leveraging the capabilities and experience of the Agility Team, we have delivered over 5,000 successful client engagements across 35 markets and various verticals.

We can help you, using syndicated and custom  spirits and liquor industry market research, gain a foundational understanding of prestige spirits consumers in key global markets to inform product and marketing strategies for prestige wines, champagnes, whisky, spirits brands.

We offer a suite of solutions and approaches developed through working with premium and luxury alcohol brands in key global markets:

  • Focus groups and in-depth interviews to better understand motivations and behavior
  • Survey and quantitative studies using the latest methodologies to maximize insights and data accuracy
  • Product development and concept testing insights
  • Co-ideation with target segments
  • Test brand and advertisement communication ideas
  • Go-to-market hypothesis validation
  • Brand activation feedback
  • Consumers’ brand association within and outside category
  • Evaluate CRM and loyalty program effectiveness in building long-term customer retention
  • Data mining and analysis of client’s internal customer data and integration with newly acquired data and insights

Case Study - Identify consumption trends in Asia for a global spirits company


As the liquor industry from Asia looks to differentiate and expand their businesses, our client needed to find out what it takes to succeed at an International level, engaging us to conduct a thorough liquor industry market research. Our client aimed to understand the Asian consumers to develop and sponsor in-market brand strategies and plans.


We analyzed the premium alcohol and wines & spirits beverages market through unique alcohol market research, defining its size, volume, type, packaging, and distribution channel. We launched large-scale quantitative online surveys in key markets to identify different alcohol consumption trends and behaviours such as whiskey, wine, beer, and others.


We were able to advise our client on how to better allocate media marketing dollars to drive ROI, by targeting the right segments for the brand. We suggested our client the right whisky, beer or wine marketing strategy based on our study, research and survey. The report was customised to include price trend analysis of target brands, having market insights of other countries, refurbished market and product base analysis.

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A unique community of affluent and HNWIs consumers - LuxeTalk™

Agility work with our own proprietary community of affluent and HNWI individuals. LuxeTalk™ is an exclusive, closed-door insights community of individuals interested in sharing their thoughts on wealth and luxury in exchange for cash, rewards, or contributions to their favorite charity.

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