NEWSLETTER Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Chinese Affluent Generation Z

With high-spending Millennials a key source of growth for brands in China, some forward looking brands have started to look at the up-and-coming crop of young people close on the heels of millennials – Generation Z.

The sheer number of nicknames that have been applied to them already – Z-lennials, iGen, Gen Tech, Net Gen, Neo-Digital Natives, Plurals, and Screenagers to name just a handful – should be a clear sign of the intense interest in this post-Millennial cohort.

Agility recently conducted a series of interviews with affluent Gen Zs to gain deeper insights into their values, their priorities, and how they approach and interact with brands. What we found challenges the stereotypical views of the privileged younger generation as being entitled, self-absorbed phone addicts with gnat-like attention spans.


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