Agility Research & Strategy is a top ten globally ranked Insights & Strategy Consultancy with a core focus on affluent consumers for luxury and premium brands.

Our team of experts come from a variety of backgrounds, nationalities and professional disciplines. We share a common purpose to help our clients win by unlocking growth from insights on affluent consumers around the world. With a wide range of solutions and methodologies and over 1000 client success user cases we determine the best way to extract key insights and deliver actionable recommendations to brands looking to capture market share.

Our solutions seek to uncover potential levers that can shift the choice towards our client’s brands. In addition, we leverage on the expertise of our group companies:


Our team is backed by a large toolbox of products, services and methods that help clients match the best research solution to their particular need. We also utilise a panel of advisors comprised of experts in research, academia and the industry. This enables us to quickly tap into a very exclusive and high level think tank for deeper insights.

This combination of razor-sharp people, agile tools and industry expertise helps leading brands generate insights that give them a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving marketplace. We deliver more than just research reports – we deliver strategic advice to clients who seek to connect more deeply with Affluent consumers and create a sustainable source of business value.



Agility is managed by a team of experienced luxury and consumer retail specialists.

We take pride in our work and have fun doing what we do. This is what makes us passionate researchers and consultants. Our clients are our partners in co-creating value and we work for some of the most valuable brands and companies globally.

Our management team oversees a diverse team of research, consulting, analytics, project management and operations specialists across multiple geographies get insights not just from the project, but from real-world expertise gathered from many highly informed sources.


A closed-door board of advisors, the Agility Advisory Council is a select group of the leading minds in business and academia, sprinkled with global experts and industry thought leaders. Our Council members provide value in many ways including:

– Sharing their industry expertise in specific domain areas with our analyst team

– Discussing their viewpoints on the macro and micro trends that are happening within the region and among consumers in various markets

– Providing consulting services to add an entirely new dimension to a piece of custom research we may be doing for a client

In short, when you engage with us for research, you get insights not just from the project, but from real-world expertise gathered from many highly informed sources.

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