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TrendLens™ 2021 is an essential solution for brands to tap into the pulse of affluent consumers across key markets, to help win wallet share!

Through interviewing over 5,000 HNW and UHNW individuals on their 2021 outlook, luxury purchase behaviour and lifestyle choices, TrendLens™ 2021 offers insightful data to guide decision making and increase your marketing spend’s ROI.

Some of the topics TrendLens™ 2021 covers are:
-Where do they invest their wealth and which investments are they betting on in 2021
-Their shopping habits, which brands they are buying and why
-Their travel plans now that International travel is reopening and their destination wish list
-Which luxury brands have weathered better and emerged stronger post–Covid-19 and made the biggest impact 
-Deep dives into relevant segments such as millionaires, millennials, affluent women vs affluent men and across key luxury categories: finance, luxury fashion, luxury watches and jewellery, beauty and fragrance, premium wines and spirits, travel and wellness, homeware and electronics.

TrendLens™ 2021 is now available for the following markets:
China | South Korea | Japan | Taiwan | India | Singapore | United Kingdom | France | Germany |USA | Hong Kong

Coming soon: TrendLens™ 2021 for Thailand, Australia, UAE, Italy
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