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Leveraging the capabilities and experience of the Agility Team, we have delivered over 5,000 successful client engagements across 35 markets and various verticals.

As one of the top automotive consulting and market research company, we can help you gain a foundational understanding of affluent, HNW and UHNW individuals needs and behavior when buying a luxury car, in key global markets, to inform product and marketing strategies of luxury automotive brands targeting these coveted segments.

Agility offers a suite of consulting and market research solutions and approaches developed through working for many years with some of the top brands:

  • Automotive industry research, survey and quantitative studies using the latest methodologies to maximize insights and data accuracy
  • Focus groups and in-depth interviews to better understand motivations and behavior
  • Product development and concept testing insights
  • Co-ideation with target segments
  • Test brand and advertisement communication ideas
  • Go-to-market hypothesis validation
  • Consumers’ brand association within and outside category
  • Evaluate CRM and loyalty program effectiveness in building long-term customer retention
  • Data mining and analysis of client’s internal customer data and integration with newly acquired data and insights

Case Study - Luxury Car Brand


Our client, a top 5 Luxury automaker, seeking to grow sales in key markets, US, China and UK, planned a complete re-evaluation of the current brand proposition by identifying brand facets that create brand value for ultra-luxury brands. The aim was to make the brand stand out, defining a unique position whilst maintaining strong appeal to a substantial customer base within the segment.


In partnership with the senior client team, we developed an extensive auto market research program to provide the client with a complete understanding of these demanding customers and what the brand could do to position itself to meet their needs. Using our LuxeTalk™ community, our expert data consultants executed tailored qualitative and qualitative research, designed to capture each market cultural nuances and to capture the voice of these hard-to-reach consumers.


Using our automotive industry research, the client used value profiles that fitted a large group of the segment customer base to develop marketing materials and a full relaunch campaign, focusing on marketing platforms that would maximize impact and revenue for the new campaign launch. Top line in key markets increased more than 30%  in the 12 months following the new campaign launch.

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A unique community of affluent and HNWIs consumers - LuxeTalk™

Agility work with our own proprietary community of affluent and HNWI individuals. LuxeTalk™ is an exclusive, closed-door insights community of individuals interested in sharing their thoughts on wealth and luxury in exchange for cash, rewards, or contributions to their favorite charity.

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