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Development of a brand story book to promote and facilitate business growth


Our client is a Top 5 Luxury automaker seeking to grow sales in their key sales markets of US, China and UK. One of the keys to growth was to conduct a complete re-evaluation of the current Brand Proposition and identify the brand factors that would create brand value for Ultra Luxury Brands.

As with many segments, the Luxury Automotive segment is no different and it is necessary that the value created would make the brand stand out, with a position of uniqueness whilst maintaining strong appeal to a substantial customer base within the segment.


In partnership with the senior client team, we developed an extensive program to provide us with a complete understanding of these demanding customers, and what the brand could do to position itself to meet their needs.

We utilised our LuxeTalk™ community to recruit customers for both Quantitative and Qualitative phases in all markets. The Qualitative research was executed by our local expert consultants, ensuring we tailored the design to any market specific cultural nuances, and were able to capture the voice of these hard-to-reach consumers and interpret their needs for the client.


We identified value profiles that fitted a large group of the segment customer base. The client used these to develop substantial marketing materials and a full relaunch campaign.

We further identified the marketing platforms that would maximise impact and revenue for the launch of the new campaign. We developed a marketing playbook for the brand to apply.

Based upon the clients’ own data, in the 12 months following the launch of the new campaign the client realized >30% increase to top line in key markets.

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