These select case studies are a several examples of successes we have won for our premium clients demonstrating the capabilities and experience of The Agility Team. Our work is done with different methodologies across geographies and verticals including luxury goods and retail, travel and hospitality, financial services, alcohol brands, and consumer goods.


Development of pricing models that will allow the brand to better offer competitive prices to dealerships while reducing marketing slippage and lost sales opportunities through better pricing strategies and conversion from footfall at these dealerships.

Top 5 German Luxury Automobile Firm

Understand the current service levels of different dealerships at different regions and understand the price levels offered at the different dealerships.

Automotive Sales Management


Development of new products and solutions to acquire Affluent customers and gain market share within this niche segment. A successful 6 market study applying qualitative research, quantitative approaches, culminating in workshops in each market to help execute the roll out of these new services.

Global Financial Services

The main objectives of the studywere to gain an in-depth understanding of the Asian Affluent individual’s financial needs, and to plan and execute a multi-million dollar positioning strategy in place across Asia, thus placing the firm as a leader in the affluent space.

Finance Consumer Segmentation Study


Identifying KOLs and influencers who can advocate the brand and drive usage and purchasing amongst the millenial segment across Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities in China. Optimise resources spend on marketing activities. 55% increase in response rates and upwards across certain digital channels

Fortune 500 Beauty Company

A 360 approach to understand the cosmetic purchase usages and attitudes of Chinese female travelers, with a focuson digital channels.

Skincare & Cosmetics Brand Assessment


Determined the market size, opportunity, and benefits/need analysis of the various segments to identify a winning proposition. Developed two concepts for management to choose and implement across the property. Revenue drivers were therefore developed for the business with a refreshing new concept that drove both new and repeat visitation at the property.

Global Luxury Hotel & Resort

The client was embarking on a multi-million dollar plan to upgrade its hotel rooms at its key property. A full review of its current offering vs. the market for a host of F&B options as well as room offerings was needed.

Travel & Hospitality Concept Testing


A map of the brand footprint in its competitive environment and positioning of the product within the brand offer to identify potential cross-selling opportunities and prevent cannibalization of the existing line. Clients were able to target profitable segments for upsell opportunities and fine-tune the customer experience at certain omni-channel points.

Top 3 Swiss Luxury Watch Manufacturer

The main objective of the market research was to understand the potential for a certain product line within the watches segment line of jewels among current brand owners, current line owners, and non-clients.

Jewellery Product Testing


A full global study of airports, their value propositions, and profile personas were developed along with their inbound and outbound travel habits across key markets. This led to an increase in footfall at various high end retail outlets and increase in conversion levels of purchasing by development of an app that directed customers to certain outlets and notified them of pricing offers.

Top Ranked International Airport

Our client wanted to conduct a study to understand the profile and lifestyle of its premium passenger group. They also seek to understand the shopping motivations of premium passengers while travelling via the airport.

Retail Consumer Insights


Findings were contextualized within various local markets and were able to facilitate a better understanding of the client’s potential consumers. As a result, they were able to adapt the communication strategies, messaging, and channels, to suit the local market.

Luxury Goods Conglomerate

To explore and understand the perception of the client’s image through their branding and products, and their presence and outreach within the luxury space.

Jewellery Brand Assessment through Segmentation


Through a series of qualitative in-depth interviews, the study enabled the client to lay the foundations for the successful development of the prestige whiskey

Global Alcohol Company

Our client would like to get an in-depth understanding on how luxury spirits consumers choose and consume prestige spirits in several key markets, including China, India, Singapore, U.S., and U.K.

Alcohol & Spirits Qualitative Category Assessment


Help strategize the right resources and focus based on market sizing prioritization. In turn the company wide pricing strategy to be applied when detemaining pricing accross markets. The China part of this project alone covered over 80 cities in China.

Global Diamond Producer

Our client is a World Leader in diamonds and needed to evaluate the size of the markets they were playing in to find out opportunity areas for the brand in key markets